Samba performance on FreeBSD 8

The following is a forum post in the FreeBSD forums discussing how to get the best performance out of your Samba file server.

Worth the read.

Adding Samba's ldap schema to CentOS Directory Server

Adding Samba’s ldap schema to CentOS Directory Server is a short how-to describing how to add Samba’s LDAP schema to CentOS’s Directory Server.  This how-to is permanently stored at This how-to is based on the information found in and


CentOS Directory Server is a bit of a different beast.  Unlike OpenLDAP,  Directory Server does not use regular scheme files.  Instead it stores its schema files in LDIF format.  This means you cannot just drop in schema files like you can with OpenLDAP.   Instead you have to convert the schema files to LDIF format.  Fortunately there is already a Perl script out there to do that,


  • CentOS Directory Server is installed and functional. You’ll need the instance name.
  • You have Samba’s LDAP schema on hand. The schema is included in the samba package.
  • A copy of, available at
  • Perl installed so you can run

Converting and installing the Samba Schema

  • In the following steps, our directory server instance is named dirserv1.
  • Directory Server stores it’s schema files in /etc/dirsrv/slapd-<instance name>/schema.
  1. Download the scriptif you haven’t already.
    # wget
  2. Convert the schema file to ldif format and put in in the directory server’s schema directory
    # perl ./ -b /usr/share/doc/samba-3.0.33/LDAP/samba.schema > /etc/dirsrv/slapd-dirserv1/schema/61samba.ldif
  3. Restart the directory server
    # service dirsrv restart

Setting up a Samba PDC setup using OpenLDAP on CentOS

I’m happy to announce my latest how-to, Setting up a Samba PDC setup using OpenLDAP on CentOS, is now available in the wiki.

Setting up a Samba PDC setup using OpenLDAP on CentOS describes how to setup a Samba PDC using OpenLDAP as the user database instead of the default flat files Samba uses.  It provides full sample configuration files and instructions on how to install and configure the smbldap tools.

I’ll be adding helper scripts for maintaining users, groups and machines at the command just like the ones in the Setting up a small scale Samba PDC on CentOS how-to.

A Samba PDC with Windows 7

I’ve been getting hit a lot with Samba + Windows 7 searches.   So to make life easier, here is a link to the Wiki that discusses getting Windows 7 to work with a Samba PDC.  I haven’t tried it yea as I don’t have a windows 7 to “play with.