SSH Clients for Windows

A list of SSH clients for Windows from a recent /r/Sysadmin Reddit thread.

Source: – This one is a wrapper that lets you created a tabbed interface to putty.

Windows SSD Performance Tweak

Elpamsoft has released a Windows performance tweak utility so you can get the most performance out of your Windows on an SSD.

You can download the utility at

So far I’ve tried the utility on two different systems (Windows 7, 64-bit) and did notice a speed difference.

HashCheck Shell Extension for Windows

If your using windows, you probably know what a pain it is to calculate the MD5 sum of file you just downloaded.   Sure you can track down a command line version of md5sum, or install Cygwin, but I’ve found something handier.

HashCheck Shell Extension is a Windows Explorer extension that adds a new tab to the file properties dialog.  The new tab, when access calculate the md5 and long with most other checksums of the file in question.

You can find screenshots and the download at