Yesterday and coworker and I put a new LSI MegaRaid SAS 9260-4i into one of our servers that was running KVM and received the a surprising message on boot up:
F/W Error
No Base port found

Um, OK.  Thinking it was a bad card we swapped it for another with the same specs.  Same error.
We then:

  • removed and resat the card, same error
  • changed the cables, same error
  • checked LSIs site, nothing
  • searched the ‘net, nothing
  • rebooted the server, resetting its bios setting to defaults, bingo!

The card came up no problem.  It was a bios setting causing the problem.
Next we went into the bios changed some settings:

  • disabled quiet boot
  • enabled virtualization in the CPU
  • enabled virtualized I/O in the CPU

Rebooted and, the error was back.  We returned to the bios and disabled the Virtualized I/O.  Voila!  Unlike the previous (and older) raid card, the newer LSI 9260-4i doesn’t like the Virtualized I/O in the Intel CPUs/bios.
Hope this helps someone else out there.